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Award: Dragon's Heart (Barony of Dragon's Laire) [Branch web site]
Dragon's Heart recipients residing in
Awarded to individuals of highest merit who have provided long term service to the Barony of Dragons Laire.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Catelin Spenser (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Jun 24, 1995 (AS XXX)
2 Shalimariah Galistene (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Jun 30, 1996 (AS XXXI)
3 Arontius of Bygelswade (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Dec 20, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
4 Hrollaugr Njálsson (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Feb 4, 2006 (AS XL)
5 Murakami Tsuruko (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Jun 3, 2006 (AS XLI)
6 Rycheza z Polska (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) May 31, 2008 (AS XLIII)
7 Cedric Wlfraven (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Nov 13, 2010 (AS XLV)
8 Brighid Ross (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Nov 13, 2010 (AS XLV)
9 Gwenllyen Potter (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Dec 7, 2013 (AS XLVIII)
10 Madrun y Gwehyddes (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Feb 13, 2016 (AS L)
11 Barnet Acelin (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Dec 12, 2020 (AS LV)
12 Laurellen de Brandevin (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Jun 18, 2022 (AS LVII)
13 Alaricus Simmonds (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Jun 17, 2023 (AS LVIII)