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Award: Gilded Feather (Kingdom of Avacal) [Branch web site]
Gilded Feather recipients residing in
An award for the youth of Avacal.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Mikhaila (Vinjar) (Avacal) Sep 27, 2008 (AS XLIII)
2 Regan the Wise (Montengarde) (Avacal) Jan 17, 2009 (AS XLIII)
3 Thurkel the Blameless (Montengarde) (Avacal) Jan 17, 2009 (AS XLIII)
4 Gnar Grimskalla (Bitter End) (Avacal) Aug 1, 2009 (AS XLIV)
5 Oxara Grimskalla (Bitter End) (Avacal) Aug 1, 2009 (AS XLIV)
6 Sonyanka MacGregor (Borealis) (Avacal) Mar 26, 2011 (AS XLV)
7 Luke of the Huscarles (Borealis) (Avacal) Jun 18, 2011 (AS XLVI)
8 Helena Fenricksdottir (Borealis) (Avacal) Jun 18, 2011 (AS XLVI)
9 Balthazar of Borealis (Borealis) (Avacal) Jun 18, 2011 (AS XLVI)
10 Nedaya Deya Maroon (Bitter End) (Avacal) Aug 4, 2012 (AS XLVII)
11 Brandr Markusson (Cold Keep) (Avacal) May 4, 2013 (AS XLVIII)
12 Sofy'a Khudykovicha (Cold Keep) (Avacal) May 4, 2013 (AS XLVIII)
13 Erik Kirksson (Montengarde) (Avacal) Sep 13, 2014 (AS XLIX)