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Award: Felowshipe of the Wynged Forke (Barony of Wyewood) [Branch web site]
Wynged Forke recipients residing in
The Felowshipe of the Wynged Forke was established by the first baron and baroness of Wyewood to recognize gentles who have grown wings and soared by continuing to improve and expand in their service to the barony and society. It is the barony’s second level service award, after the Compaignie de la Forche.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Symonne d'Aywaille (Wyewood) (Wyewood) Aug 6, 2016 (AS LI)
2 Constantine Trewpeny (Wyewood) (Wyewood) Aug 6, 2016 (AS LI)
3 Esclarmonde de Porcairages (Wyewood) (Wyewood) Aug 3, 2019 (AS LIV)
4 Tymme Lytefelow (Wyewood) (Wyewood) Jun 11, 2022 (AS LVII)
5 Rasmus Ravnssen (Wyewood) (Wyewood) Jun 11, 2022 (AS LVII)