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Award: College Champion (College of Saint Bunstable) [Branch web site]
College Champion recipients residing in
The Champion is the Arts and Science Champion of the College. The championship is chosen as the best representation of the three ideals of the College: Knowledge, Community and Passion. The contest is an open format, with the entrants doing whatever they wish to show these ideals."
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Lynnette Dragon (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) Jul 31, 1999 (AS XXXIV) through Jul 29, 2000 (AS XXXV)
2 Frederic Badger (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) Jul 29, 2000 (AS XXXV) through Jul 28, 2001 (AS XXXVI)
3 Ramon Diaz de la Vega (Madrone) (Saint Bunstable) Jul 28, 2001 (AS XXXVI) through Jul 27, 2002 (AS XXXVII)
4 Eleanor Ashling (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) Jul 27, 2002 (AS XXXVII) through Jun 28, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
5 Eleanor Ashling (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) Jun 28, 2003 (AS XXXVIII) through May 16, 2004 (AS XXXIX)
6 Dieterich von Zweibruecken (Madrone) (Saint Bunstable) May 16, 2004 (AS XXXIX) through May 7, 2005 (AS XL)
7 Ursula Georges (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) May 7, 2005 (AS XL) through Apr 22, 2006 (AS XL)
8 Derian le Breton (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) Apr 22, 2006 (AS XL) through Jun 3, 2007 (AS XLII)
9 Muirgheal inghean Alasdair (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) Jun 3, 2007 (AS XLII) through May 31, 2008 (AS XLIII)
10 Ketilelf Grathe (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) Jun 8, 2008 (AS XLIII) through Jun 6, 2009 (AS XLIV)
11 Rachel of Saint Bunstable (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) May 31, 2009 (AS XLIV) through May 30, 2010 (AS XLV)
12 Juliana of Saint Bunstable (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) May 30, 2010 (AS XLV)
13 Anna of Saint Bunstable (Saint Bunstable) (Saint Bunstable) Nov 19, 2011 (AS XLVI)