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Frederic Badger OP Rank: 1646An Tir Wiki Entry
Branch: College of Saint Bunstable [Branch web site]

Also lived in: Madrone
Highest Award: Goutte de Sang Recommend for another award
Corrections/Additions for this person
Sable, a chalice within an orle argent.
Roll of Arms
Awarded by
Award of Arms (An Tir)
By: Darius Corvinus, Morgaine Brigantia
Mar 1, 1997 (AS XXXI)
Green Leaf (Madrone)
By: Trahaearn ap Ieuan, Janelyn of Fenmere
Oct 3, 1998 (AS XXXIII)
Light of St. Bunstable (Madrone) ->(Saint Bunstable)
By: Timothy Ap Caradoc, Tierzah Nic Cathal
May 1, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
Sergeant (Madrone)
By: Timothy Ap Caradoc, Tierzah Nic Cathal
Oct 1, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
College Champion (Saint Bunstable)
By: N/A
Jul 29, 2000 (AS XXXV) through Jul 28, 2001 (AS XXXVI)
Black Lion Herald (An Tir)
Aug 9, 2003 (AS XXXVIII) through May 21, 2005 (AS XL)
Goutte de Sang (An Tir)
By: Gunnarr Brunwulf, Gabriell MacBain
Jan 10, 2004 (AS XXXVIII)
Augmentation of Arms (An Tir)
By: Savaric Coeur-de-Lion, Dalla in Fagra
Jul 18, 2015 (AS L)