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Award: Sable Brush (Barony of Wastekeep) [Branch web site]
Sable Brush recipients residing in
The Sable Brush award given for continued excellence in the Arts and Sciences, given by the Barony of Wastekeep.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Salia d'eschele (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Jun 18, 2011 (AS XLVI)
2 Cler de Cieux (Lyonsmarche) (Wastekeep) Jun 19, 2011 (AS XLVI)
3 Guðrun Ulriksdottir (Akornebir) (Wastekeep) Jun 19, 2011 (AS XLVI)
4 Ærinndis Ulfrrsdottier (Akornebir) (Wastekeep) Jun 19, 2011 (AS XLVI)
5 Epona Ehwaz (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Jun 19, 2011 (AS XLVI)
6 Mairghread of Wastekeep (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Jun 19, 2011 (AS XLVI)
7 Rowena Kyncaidd (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Oct 1, 2011 (AS XLVI)
8 Aerngaldra Hrafnskald (Lyonsmarche) (Wastekeep) Oct 1, 2011 (AS XLVI)
9 Tova Fransdottir (Lyonsmarche) (Wastekeep) Jun 21, 2014 (AS XLIX)
10 Emma Godwif (Akornebir) (Wastekeep) Jun 21, 2014 (AS XLIX)
11 Dagrún Stjarna Ulriksdottír (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Dec 12, 2015 (AS L)
12 Ciosa Leonara Fioravanti (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Jun 10, 2017 (AS LII)
13 Kaitlin of Wastekeep (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Dec 9, 2017 (AS LII)
14 Yeintil eshes Levi (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Jun 16, 2018 (AS LIII)
15 Jorunn (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Oct 5, 2019 (AS LIV)