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Award: Order of the Silver Hammer (Kingdom of Calontir) [Branch web site]
Silver Hammer recipients residing in
given to those whose work in the sciences has shown a high level of skill in their chosen craft(s) and a detailed knowledge of its history, and who have assisted others in the learning of said science(s). Companions of the Silver Hammer may place the initials CSH after their names, and may bear the order's badge: Sable, a smith's hammer a bordure argent.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Gilligan of Mann (An Tir) (Calontir) Nov 3, 1990 (AS XXV)
2 Demetrios Miothophoros (Adiantum) (Calontir) Mar 7, 1992 (AS XXVI)
3 Waldryk Fierebrache (Briaroak) (Calontir) Nov 14, 1998 (AS XXXIII)
4 Gwendolyn A'Brooke (Forgotten Sea) (Calontir) Jul 24, 2004 (AS XXXIX)
5 Aline Swynbroke (Wyewood) (Calontir) Sep 22, 2012 (AS XLVII)