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Award: Tsveti Madrone - Pearl (Barony of Madrone) [Branch web site]
Tsveti Madrone - Pearl recipients residing in
The Tsveti Madrone, or White Flower of Madrone, is the arts and sciences award of Madrone. It recognizes skill in a particular discipline, and can be received multiple times. The token of the award is a triangular medallion with three blossoms, from which colored beads are hung to denote the area recognized. A pearl denotes excellence in hospitality.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Heilyn de Highwater (Porte de l'Eau) (Madrone) Jun 19, 2004 (AS XXXIX)
2 Madhu (Porte de l'Eau) (Madrone) Jun 19, 2004 (AS XXXIX)
3 Ceolflæd Pyper (Madrone) (Madrone) Jul 23, 2005 (AS XL)
4 Aleyne Edwinson (Madrone) (Madrone) Jul 23, 2005 (AS XL)
5 Ameline de Beaumont (Wyewood) (Madrone) Sep 15, 2012 (AS XLVII)
6 Ysolt Tayler of WindHill (Porte de l'Eau) (Madrone) Feb 16, 2014 (AS XLVIII)
7 Iacobo ibn Daoud (Madrone) (Madrone) Sep 19, 2015 (AS L)
8 Rapheal the Rogue (Porte de l'Eau) (Madrone) Mar 19, 2016 (AS L)
9 Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e (Porte de l'Eau) (Madrone) Mar 19, 2016 (AS L)
10 Juana la Cristiana (Madrone) (Madrone) Mar 24, 2018 (AS LII)
11 Pádraig mac Ailpein (Madrone) (Madrone) Nov 3, 2018 (AS LIII)
12 Tuirrean ni Chaoilte dal gCais (Madrone) (Madrone) Nov 3, 2018 (AS LIII)
13 Nathanael Lekarev (Madrone) (Madrone) Aug 27, 2022 (AS LVII)
14 Annisa Elisabetta Gabrielli (Madrone) (Madrone) Feb 10, 2024 (AS LVIII)
15 Guillaume de Garrigues (Madrone) (Madrone) Feb 10, 2024 (AS LVIII)