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Award: Silver Oak (Shire of Danescombe) [Branch web site]
Silver Oak recipients residing in
For service to the shire. The token is a medallion.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 No'omi bat Sephardi (Danescombe) (Danescombe) Aug 16, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
2 Finna Kettilsdottir (Borealis) (Danescombe) Aug 16, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
3 Harleigh Dhai (Danescombe) (Danescombe) Aug 16, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
4 Keinna de Savage (Appledore) (Danescombe) Aug 16, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
5 Sevrin de Savage (Appledore) (Danescombe) Aug 16, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
6 Yrsa Kettilsdottir (Seagirt) (Danescombe) Aug 17, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
7 Mederei merc Taran (Danescombe) (Danescombe) Nov 1, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
8 Broc Aillig (Dregate) (Danescombe) Aug 7, 2010 (AS XLV)
9 Murdoch Sinclair (Danescombe) (Danescombe) Mar 17, 2012 (AS XLVI)
10 Kieran Gunn (Danescombe) (Danescombe) Mar 17, 2012 (AS XLVI)
11 Porzia di Corbino Rosso (Lionsdale) (Danescombe) Mar 17, 2012 (AS XLVI)