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Kolfinna Hestrasdottir OP Rank: 1774An Tir Wiki Entry
Branch: Shire of Midhaven

Also known as: Ceara Roisin
Highest Award: Lion et de la Lance Recommend for another award
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Roll of Arms
Awarded by
Award of Arms (An Tir)
By: Skeggi Hrafensfuri, Taisiia of Ma Elring
Jun 25, 2005 (AS XL)
Lion et de la Lance (An Tir)
By: Uther Schiemann der Hunt, Angharad Drakenhefd
Sep 3, 2005 (AS XL)
Tulip (Midhaven)
Jul 11, 2009 (AS XLIV)
Peer Council Secretary (An Tir)
Apr 25, 2011 (AS XLV) through Aug 28, 2013 (AS XLVIII)