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Award: Courtier-Artisan - Multiple Branches

Courtier-Artisan awarded by
Courtier-Artisan recipients residing in
A sub-classification of Courtier used by some Baronies for those excelling in Arts and Sciences.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Arthur Greene of Deerhurst (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) May 13, 2000 (AS XXXV)
2 Phelan Tolusmiðr (Lyonsmarche) (Wastekeep) Sep 6, 2008 (AS XLIII) through Jan 11, 2014 (AS XLVIII)
3 Ulrik Grimwolf de Montazure (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Aug 7, 2010 (AS XLV)
4 Aerngaldra Hrafnskald (Lyonsmarche) (Wastekeep) Aug 6, 2011 (AS XLVI)
5 Shannon O'Duncan (Vulcanfeldt) (Vulcanfeldt) Aug 11, 2012 (AS XLVII)
6 Fiona ingen Conchobair (Vulcanfeldt) (Vulcanfeldt) Aug 11, 2012 (AS XLVII)
7 Alberto Martini (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Feb 9, 2013 (AS XLVII)
8 Guðrun Ulriksdottir (Akornebir) (Wastekeep) Aug 3, 2013 (AS XLVIII)
9 Emma Godwif (Akornebir) (Wastekeep) Aug 3, 2013 (AS XLVIII)
10 Kaitlin of Wastekeep (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Mar 16, 2019 (AS LIII)
11 Tova Fransdottir (Lyonsmarche) (Wastekeep) Aug 12, 2023 (AS LVIII)
12 Rúnfríðr kennikona (Cranehaven) (Wastekeep) Aug 12, 2023 (AS LVIII)