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Award: Order of the Lion of Atenveldt (Kingdom of Atenveldt) [Branch web site]
Lion of Atenveldt recipients residing in
Those who have demonstrated highest ideals and values of the Current Middle Ages. Only one person may be admitted to the order each reign. Members are styled "Lions of Atenveldt, Defenders of the Dream," and may place the initials LOA after their names. The insignia of the order is a medallion bearing a lion's face, dependant from a collar of estate of lion's heads.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Dafydd ap Gwynedd (Three Mountains) (Atenveldt) Apr 17, 1982 (AS XVI)
2 Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e (Porte de l'Eau) (Atenveldt) Oct 29, 1988 (AS XXIII)
3 Rapheal the Rogue (Porte de l'Eau) (Atenveldt) Mar 3, 1990 (AS XXIV)
4 Morgan of the Oaks (Stromgard) (Atenveldt) Sep 2, 1995 (AS XXX)
5 Wilhelus le Casse (Wealdsmere) (Atenveldt) Nov 4, 2006 (AS XLI)