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Award: Den Grimme Aeling (Principality of Cynagua)
Den Grimme Aeling recipients residing in
iven, to people that do not reside in the Principality, for support and effort given to the principality. The token for this award is a late hatching egg, upon a silver coin, suspended from a sable ribbon.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Susan of Wight (West) (Cynagua) Jan 29, 2000 (AS XXXIV)
2 Kellyn Firesinger (Stromgard) (Cynagua) Oct 27, 2001 (AS XXXVI)
3 Staffan Arffuidsson (Dragon's Mist) (Cynagua) Oct 30, 2004 (AS XXXIX)
4 Staffan Arffuidsson (Dragon's Mist) (Cynagua) May 27, 2007 (AS XLII)
5 Sæunn Egilsdóttir (Stromgard) (Cynagua) Nov 1, 2008 (AS XLIII)
6 Artus Quintus (Stromgard) (Cynagua) Nov 1, 2008 (AS XLIII)
7 Grace Fenix (Calafia) (Cynagua) Oct 8, 2011 (AS XLVI)
8 Snorri Randolfsson (Tymberhavene) (Cynagua) May 12, 2018 (AS LIII)
9 Alys Graye (An Tir) (Cynagua) Dec 15, 2018 (AS LIII)