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Catherine Winifred of Tor Bitterroot OP Rank: Unranked - DeceasedAn Tir Wiki Entry
Branch: Barony of Madrone [Branch web site]

Highest Award: Pelican Recommend for another award
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Ermine, a domestic cat sejant affronty azure, orbed Or.
Roll of Arms
Awarded by
Green Leaf (Madrone)
By: Raymond the Mild, Sheen of Eire
Jul 28, 1974 (AS IX)
Award of Arms (West)
By: Andrew of Riga, Patrice d'Cilla
Jul 26, 1975 (AS X)
Magistrae Ithra (Ithra)
Jul 5, 1976 (AS XI)
Leaf of Merit (West)
By: None listed for this time period
Jul 30, 1977 (AS XII)
Black Lion Herald (An Tir)
Feb 1, 1978 (AS XII) through May 1, 1984 (AS XIX)
Lector Ithra (Ithra)
Jun 17, 1978 (AS XIII)
Pelican (West)
By: James Greyhelm, Verena of Laurelin
Sep 9, 1978 (AS XIII)
Red Branch (Madrone)
By: Theodulf of Borogrove, Anne of Caerdydd
Feb 23, 1980 (AS XIV)
Forget-me-not (An Tir)
By: Morag Campbell of Glenbourne
Jul 10, 1982 (AS XVII)
Court Baroness (An Tir)
By: Torgul Steingrimsson, Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd
Jan 8, 1983 (AS XVII)