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Iago ab Adam (he/him/his) OP Rank: 531An Tir Wiki Entry
Branch: Barony of Seagirt [Branch web site]

Preferred Title: Daunt
Also known as: Jacobos filius Catomagli, Jacobus filius Ade, Jacques Quausquer, Jake Badeham
Also lived in: Saint Giles
Highest Award: Laurel Recommend for another award
Corrections/Additions for this person
Ermine fretty gules.
Roll of Arms
Awarded by
A&S Defender (Seagirt)
Jul 1, 1996 (AS XXXI)
Silent Harp (Seagirt)
By: None listed for this time period
Feb 28, 1997 (AS XXXI)
Fellow of Saint Giles (Saint Giles)
By: N/A
Mar 21, 1997 (AS XXXI)
Jambe de Lion (An Tir)
By: Brendan Shimmeringstar, Aryana Silknfyre
Mar 7, 1998 (AS XXXII)
Seagull (Seagirt)
By: None listed for this time period
Mar 21, 1998 (AS XXXII)
A&S Champion (Seagirt)
By: Uilliam mac Ailéne mhic Seamuis, Theocharista Irene Doukaina
Aug 23, 1998 (AS XXXIII)
WOAW (An Tir)
May 15, 2000 (AS XXXV)
Magistrae Ithra (Ithra)
Sep 17, 2000 (AS XXXV)
Laurel (An Tir)
By: Davin Steingrimsson, Groa
Jul 21, 2001 (AS XXXVI)
Award of Arms (An Tir)
By: Vik Vikingsson, Inga the Unfettered
Mar 14, 2009 (AS XLIII)
Violante (Seagirt)
By: Eideard of Oronsay, Mogg atte Vnderegge
Oct 15, 2011 (AS XLVI)
Silver Pillar (Tir Righ)
By: Alden ap Owain, Lenora di Calizzan
Dec 17, 2011 (AS XLVI)
Bardic Champion (Seagirt)
By: Eideard of Oronsay, Mogg atte Vnderegge
Dec 17, 2011 (AS XLVI)
Etoile d'Argent (Tir Righ)
By: Steinn Vikingsson, Gemma Delaroche
Mar 10, 2012 (AS XLVI)
Throne's Favor (Tir Righ)
By: William MacBrennan, Nadezhda Toranova
Feb 17, 2018 (AS LII)
Baron & Baroness's Favor (Seagirt)
By: Edward Holgrove, Lucy Holgrove
May 18, 2021 (AS LVI)
Coronet's Favor (Tir Righ)
By: Vikingr Eiricksson, Lishinia Aurelia
Nov 6, 2021 (AS LVI)
Herald Extraordinary (SCA Inc.)
Jan 15, 2022 (AS LVI)
Wreath King of Arms (SCA Inc.)
By: None listed for this time period
Apr 5, 2023 (AS LVII)