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Award: Order of the Golden Maple Leaf (Kingdom of Artemisia) [Branch web site]
Golden Maple Leaf recipients residing in
was given to those who demonstrated consistant excellence in the arts and sciences, and who taught their skills and knowledge to others. Companions of the Maple Leaf may place the initials CML after their names, and may wear a medallion bearing the order's badge: (fieldless) Two maple leaves, stems crossed in saltire, gules. When Artemisia became a kingdom, this award was re-created as the Golden Maple Leaf.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Laurellen de Brandevin (Dragon's Laire) (Artemisia) Oct 14, 1989 (AS XXIV)
2 Rapheal the Rogue (Porte de l'Eau) (Artemisia) Jul 29, 1990 (AS XXV)
3 Louis Pellissier (Briaroak) (Artemisia) May 4, 1991 (AS XXVI)
4 Ciann ua Niell (An Tir) (Artemisia) Jun 29, 1991 (AS XXVI)
5 Anna Zauberkunstlerin (Aquaterra) (Artemisia) Dec 12, 1992 (AS XXVII)
6 Armand le Mort (Three Mountains) (Artemisia) Sep 18, 1994 (AS XXIX)
7 Carthann Bean Eachann (Lyonsmarche) (Artemisia) Oct 15, 1994 (AS XXIX)
8 Carla sans Question (Madrone) (Artemisia) Apr 8, 1995 (AS XXIX)
9 Catrin of Llanbadarn (Madrone) (Artemisia) May 6, 1995 (AS XXX)
10 Bartholomew Hightower (Artemisia) (Artemisia) May 17, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
11 Godwin FitzGilbert de Strigoil (Lyonsmarche) (Artemisia) Jan 31, 2004 (AS XXXVIII)
12 Fiametta da Trastevere (An Tir) (Artemisia) Nov 13, 2010 (AS XLV)