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Award: Sergeant Emeritus - Multiple Branches

Sergeant Emeritus awarded by
Sergeant Emeritus recipients residing in
Emeritus (or retired) status is granted by various Baronies with various traditions. Some Baronies bestow it upon all Sergeants/Courtiers who attain Peerage (or retire) while others vote on a case-by-case basis. Regalia may or may not be returned. Most Emeritus are entitled to continue to attend Sergeantry Meetings and Council. Emeritus may provide advice and experience to the standing Sergeantry, but are usually not given voting priviledges.
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Dyon de Mantel (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Jul 15, 1984 (AS XIX)
2 Gunnarr Brunwulf (Wealdsmere) (Wastekeep) Jul 12, 1987 (AS XXII)
3 Daegar Fairhair (Stromgard) (Wastekeep) Oct 6, 1990 (AS XXV)
4 Aaron de Mantel (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Jan 12, 1991 (AS XXV)
5 Rolf Longbow (Vulcanfeldt) (An Tir) Jul 20, 1991 (AS XXVI)
6 Sven Fallgr Gunnarsson (Wealdsmere) (Wastekeep) Apr 25, 1992 (AS XXVI)
7 Heindrich von Salza (Vulcanfeldt) (Wastekeep) May 22, 1993 (AS XXVIII)
8 Balthazar the Quiet (Wealdsmere) (Wastekeep) Jan 8, 1994 (AS XXVIII)
9 Styrkarr Jarlsskald (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Sep 4, 1994 (AS XXIX)
10 Jorg Siggeirrsen (Silverhart) (Wastekeep) Jul 8, 1995 (AS XXX)
11 Tiernan mor dal Cais (Stromgard) (Wastekeep) Jul 20, 1997 (AS XXXII)
12 Cedric Blackwell Rolfsson (Vulcanfeldt) (Wastekeep) Jul 19, 1998 (AS XXXIII)
13 Devon Wolflin (Silverhart) (Wastekeep) May 18, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
14 Conchobar Clarsair (Three Mountains) (Three Mountains) Aug 3, 2003 (AS XXXVIII)
15 Julian Edward Farnsworth of Falconmoors (Aquaterra) (Aquaterra) Jun 11, 2006 (AS XLI)
16 John Bowslayer (Aquaterra) (Aquaterra) Mar 13, 2007 (AS XLI)
17 Randal Fitz Alan the Redowtable (Three Mountains) (Three Mountains) Dec 19, 2009 (AS XLIV)
18 Gideon Hrafensfuri (Aquaterra) (Aquaterra) Sep 8, 2012 (AS XLVII)
19 Jahnkin de Leeuw (Dragon's Laire) (Dragon's Laire) Feb 9, 2013 (AS XLVII)
20 Phillip de Mantel (Wastekeep) (Wastekeep) Jan 10, 2015 (AS XLIX)
21 Selene Trioros (Three Mountains) (Three Mountains) Jul 16, 2016 (AS LI)
22 Phelan Tolusmiðr (Lyonsmarche) (Wastekeep) May 20, 2017 (AS LII)
23 Rosamond Winder (Glymm Mere) (Glymm Mere) May 12, 2018 (AS LIII)
24 Duihhlinn MacFaolan (Glymm Mere) (Glymm Mere) May 12, 2018 (AS LIII)
25 Gryphon the Black (Glymm Mere) (Glymm Mere) Aug 4, 2018 (AS LIII)
26 Dafne Fraser (Three Mountains) (Three Mountains) Dec 1, 2018 (AS LIII)
27 Rosa Marcella (Blatha An Oir) (Wyewood) Mar 9, 2019 (AS LIII)
28 James Llewellyn ap Gruffyd (Seagirt) (Seagirt) Dec 3, 2022 (AS LVII)
29 Temair of Hawthorne (Three Mountains) (Three Mountains) Apr 1, 2023 (AS LVII)